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Q:Will the color fade or transfer?

A:No color transfer. Color fading may come off due to rubbing etc. depending on the frequency of use. If the color fades, it is possible to re-dye it, so please contact us.

Q:How should I wash my clothes?

A:Please see our aftercare page for more information.

Q:Is it all naturally grown cotton?

A:The fabric used differs depending on the product. For details, please check each product page.

Q:Is it all naturally grown cotton?

A:As a general rule, we do not offer factory tours.

Q:Where can I see the products?

A:If there is no store, we will respond individually to the extent possible. Please contact us first.

Q:I have sensitive skin, can I still use it?

A:The indigo dye itself does not use any scientific materials, and is said to be effective against atopic dermatitis and heat rash. It depends on how sensitive the user is, so we recommend that you pick up the actual product. The material used is naturally cultivated cotton or not. If you have any questions, please contact us from the inquiry form.

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about payment
Credit card payment
Apple Pay
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Shop Pay

The above cards can be used. Your payment information will be processed securely. We do not store your credit card details or access your credit card information without your permission

Convenience store payment
Daily Yamazaki

After completing your order, we will email you the payment method.Please pay within the deadline.The product will be shipped after payment is confirmed

cash on delivery

Cash-on-delivery charge: 265 yen (tax included) When the delivery company delivers the product, please pay the price (cash only available) on the spot. *Cash on delivery is not available on some remote islands. * If the product is returned after it has been shipped due to refusal to receive it or the storage period has expired, we may charge you for the round-trip shipping fee at a later date. The storage period is 7 days from the first delivery.*If the exchange amount exceeds 300,000 yen, it is necessary to use general registered mail or security service, so a registered mail fee and security service fee are required. In that case, we will add it to the cash on delivery fee

Bank transfer

・ Transfer fee: Customer will be responsible・ We will inform you of the designated account and the transfer amount in the order confirmation email, so please transfer.The product will be shipped after payment is confirmed

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About shipping and shipping
Shipping method

We will ship by international mail. We will calculate the shipping fee and tell you.

About returns

Overseas shipping is basically not returned

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